Our Partners

Plumbers Union QLD & NT


T: 1800 653 118

Plumbers Union Queensland represents the welfare of its members through a strong and dynamic network of delegates and exercises industry leadership through the development of strategic partnerships. Diligent management of the Union’s resources ensures that members have a competitive advantage over non-union members in the marketplace.

The Union’s core business is to represent the welfare of the union members and their families. This promise is delivered via three core business services including industry representation, education and training and occupational health and safety compliance.

National Fire Industry Association


T: 07 3882 6924

NFIA are:

  • A catalytic, coordinating, and creative force in realising the professionalism of the fire protection industry
  • A valuable resource to – and a partner with – national, state and local Governments and Associations
  • Entrepreneurial, innovative, effective, and efficient in utilising its limited resources, influence and activities to deliver real beneficial outcomes to both the members and the Australian community
  • A good steward of the knowledge of fire protection
  • An open organisation dedicated to the ethical application of fire contracting principles and methodologies


T: 07 3112 0201

AMCA-Qld was formed in 1964 and over the past 45 years, the Association has developed into a well respected and informed industry body with close ties to Governments, Consultants, Architects, Builders, Unions and other Associations.

The AMCA has been pivotal in securing improvements in the industry specifically to the benefit of the specialist sub-contractor such as Security of Payment Legislation as well as securing changes to the GST legislation in order to offset the impact the implementation period would have on the Construction Industry.

With its origins back in the early 1960s the AMCA-Q brings together specialist contractors in the air conditioning and mechanical services industry. Our membership base includes large and small, metropolitan and regional companies who specialise in contracting and service maintenance work.

Master Plumbers Association of Queensland


T: 07 3273 0800

The Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ) is the peak industry body representing plumbing contractors throughout Queensland, from sole operators to medium sized plumbing businesses and large contracting firms. MPAQ is an Association run by professionals for professionals, ensuring that plumbing businesses remain viable for future generations. As well as being the collective voice for the plumbing industry, the Association also offers its members a full range of professional services, from employment and workplace relations to technical assistance and training. These services allow plumbing contractors to establish and maintain successful businesses and plan for the future.

Effective plumbing services are critical for maintaining and enhancing community health as well as protecting the environment. MPAQ recognises its members are at the forefront of this essential service industry and provides professional expertise and support to ensure their ongoing business viability.

Master Plumbers protect the health of the community and the environment through professional plumbing services.

Master Plumbers are installers of gas, water reticulation and irrigation systems, fire protection services, heating and cooling, mechanical services/air conditioning systems, sanitary disposal, drainage, metal roofing, wall cladding and other plumbing services.

PICAC The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre


T: 03 9356 8902

The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) is a national collaboration between key industry stakeholders in the plumbing, fire protection and HVAC industries. Its purpose is to train, re-train, skill and upskill, the plumbing and fire protection workforce the Australian economy needs today, and in the future. The first PICAC campus opened in Brunswick, Victoria in 2008. Since then, PICAC has expanded to Geelong and further campuses are underway in Victoria and Queensland.

PICAC’s facilities are pre-eminent amongst training providers and include the Fire Protection Centre of Excellence, the Occupational Health and Safety Centre of Excellence, a demonstration Green Plumbing House, world class reticulated water systems, the newest technology in water and energy efficiency. ). PICAC was awarded the Victorian and Australian Small Training Provider of the Year 2015 at the Australian Training Awards. By showcasing the world’s very best, leading edge technology we are training the plumbers of tomorrow, today.

The Service Trades College

The Service Trades College

T: 07 3255 5698

The Service Trades College Australia (The College) is a not-for profit industry owned and operated registered training organisation.

The College, in partnership with the Services Trades Queensland consults closely with employees, employers, unions, and employer organisations to ensure that training is relevant, up-to-date and provides value for money.

The College encourages individuals to achieve the highest level of skill and knowledge possible in their chosen vocational area, therefore resulting in improved self-esteem, personal growth, employment opportunities, safety in the workplace and quality of life.

Construction Income Protection Queensland


T: 1300 261 114

Construction Income Protection Queensland – CIPQ provides income protection and portability of sick leave benefits for workers in the building and construction industry.

The benefits payable by the Fund provide members an income whilst off work due to long-term illness or injury for up to 104 weeks. It will also allow members to utilise untaken sick leave that previously was forfeited when the employee left employment. It also provides top-up workers compensation payments after twenty-six weeks. Cover is available to building workers, white collar workers and the self employed.



T: 1800 653 118

The Building Employees Redundancy Trust (BERT) is a redundancy Trust that provides redundancy benefits, training grants and welfare benefits for members in the Queensland building and construction industry.

Benefits paid from the Fund help provide members and their families with financial assistance in the event of ceasing employment because of redundancy or relief from financial burdens in the event of a member’s death or disability.

The Building Unions Superannuation Scheme


T: 1800 653 118

The Building Unions Superannuation Scheme (Queensland) BUSSQ is a profit for members Superannuation Fund which means fees are kept to a minimum. The scheme is specifically for workers engaged in the Building and Construction Industry.

With over 20 years experience, BUSS(Q) aims to provide a superior retirement lifestyle for members through the consistent delivery of security of investment across its superannuation products with optimum returns and a culture focused on servicing its membership.

BUSS(Q) has consistently outperformed all other similar industry funds, ensuring the best possible future for members.