An Overview of STQ

Our Foundation

The foundation of Service Trades Queensland’s (STQ) work is our industry partnership. This is a composition of the Plumbers Union, the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland, the National Fire Industry Association and the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association.

STQ is comprised of every major Queensland construction contractor in the trades of plumbing, fire protection, mechanical services (air conditioning) and roofing.

We represent over 100 contractors including 10, non-SEQ contractors and well over 1,500 fully licenced and currently employed persons on construction sites across Queensland. Our affiliated companies currently employ over 250 apprentices.

Our contractors and their employees work in every major centre in Queensland, providing us with a strong, regional membership mix and we work hard to ensure that these members receive the same support and service as their SEQ counterparts.

A Unique Organisation

STQ is a unique organisation because unlike other groups, we represent both employees and employers in the service trades sectors. This enables STQ to deliver programs focused on advancing the whole industry rather than a particular segment.

STQ works hard in the areas of attracting, developing and retaining members of the Queensland construction workforce. We achieve this through the delivery of a number of successful programs and strategies, including mentoring (currently higher than 90% apprenticeship completion rate), and supporting training facilitation (placing of 6,500 positions).